Our Beginnings


You are your best thing! 

As women, mothers, and maternal health professionals, we seen day in and out the needs for sacred rest and connection in our community. In 2022 Divine MUVA Retreat was born, MUVA is the space held for black Mothers and caregivers of our community to Unwind, Vibe & Ascend to relax, restore, and reconnect with their best selves.


I'm Sesheta, & you can call me She!


Hey MUVA! I'm so excited to meet you and welcome to Divine MUVA Retreat. I'm She and I love all things black women, relaxation, and wellness. By day (and night) I'm a doula, midwife, MUVA, & wife but most of all I am a community cultivator. My gift is to bring people together in joy, celebration, and relaxation- and I love to experience that most with black women. 



Hey Muva! I'm Omi, you may also hear people call me Sirah. I wear many hats including mommy, energy healer, wellness champion, community gatherer, and many more. My passion in life is helping people, especially black women and girls to prioritize their wholistic wellness and I do this through providing education, reiki services, doula services, by facilitating healing spaces. The Divine Muva Retreat means so much to me because I know the importance of taking the time to rest, restore, and reconnect and I love being able to facilitate this space for other Muvas!